Artistes : Marie Lienhard · Simon Pfeffel / Période : mars/avril 2018 / Lieu : Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg / Commissariat : Jean-Christophe Arcos  / Production : Kunsthaus L6

Between two exhibitions, the space is empty.
Fearful of the void, the exhibition program fills it with art objects as often as possible. A party is set for the opening, so that people can gather and have a drink, to lay to rest silence and emptiness.

Hannah Arendt, after Walter Benjamin, defined the intersubjective and collective bonds relating human beings as «the space between», where interactions are possible precisely thanks to the void they aim to fill : activities such as art tend to open a space of this kind.
The presence of artworks, despite the status of objects confering them inertia, creates an opportunity for subjects to meet, think and see together, to elaborate and collaborate.

For the duo show THROUGH, these possibilities of collaboration concerned in the first place the two artists.
They articulate their respective approaches according to different axes, which could be condensed into ‘vertical’ for Marie Lienhard and ‘horizontal’ for Simon Pfeffel : the curve hence shaped links the earth where individuals acknowledge, or deny, their possible equality and the sublime infinity of the skies, unreachable except by the means of desire.
Both artists wished to question the limits of the art world, and to address issues raised in the field of science and politics – or, more concretely, to address to the neighbours of L6.

L6 is indeed surrounded by housing facilities : how does the exhibition space, how does the exhibition, resonate with daily life and domestic uses?







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